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Graphics Arts
Instructor: Mrs. Loges   
My current placement is 80% of completers placed.
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Graphic Arts Students go to State 2017

Customer Service

1 Tristan McCoy

Screen Printing
3 Kiera Hopper

Tshirt Design
2 Kiera Hopper

Employment Application Process
1 Abigail Duskin

Technical Spelling

3 Kristen Breshears
2 Corben Kite
1 Kiera Hopper

Professional Develop Program
3 Amanda Kreft
2 Jasmin Roy
1 Tristan McCoy

Straight to State Competitions
Photography -
Isabell Waltman and Amanda Kreft

Vinyl Sign Making -
Team 1:Carla Bayer, Cheyenne Randall, and Sierra Retherford
Team 2: Corben Kite, Aaliyah Elkins and Kiera Hopper

State Winners 2016
March 31st thru April 2nd marked the 50th year for SkillsUSA in Missouri. SkillsUSA is the organization, or formerly known as VICA, Vocational Industrial Clubs of America. 40 students and 5 advisors from DCTC traveled to Linn, MO to compete at this year’s event located on the campus at Linn State Technical College. Over 2200 students and advisors attended the event in written, Skill, Leadership and Occupational related categories.
Students brought home 4 gold medals, 3 silver and 2 bronze. Makayla Smith (Weaubleau) and Julia Hodge (Wheatland) for Out Standing Chapter Book, Gold. Rachelle Sanders (Fair Play) Pin Design, Gold. Mollie Maddiux (Buffalo) Employment Application Process, Gold. These students will continue onto Nations in Kentucky this summer.
Rachelle Sanders (Fair Play) Customer Service, Silver. Shanteal Wicklund (Fair Play) Photography, Silver. Bethany Fife (Hermitage) Professional Development Program, Silver. August Shields (Wheatland) Pin Design, Bronze. Haley Gronniger (Buffalo) Nurse Assisting Tech Info, Bronze.
There were several other solid top 10’s in Welding, Nurse Assisting, Screen Printing, T-Shirt Design, Photography and Courtesy Coups Competition. Overall it was a huge success and the event has inspired several SkillsUSA members who will be returning next year.
As always the staff and advisors at the Dallas County Technical Center admire the hard work and dedication the students put in to their projects and skill competitions. We are looking forward to another rewarding conference next year.
Students learned a bit about the photography of animals today. Mr. Mankey brought in his Corgi pups for the photoshoot and everyone had a good time. We will post the best of the best ASAP.
SkillsUSA Variety Show a Success

It is amazing what a small group of people can do. The SkillsUSA students at the Dallas County Technical Center planned and organized events to benefit the Relay for Life Team “Fightin’ for Pink”. The Variety Show took place on Saturday April 20th and although it was competing with many other events in the area the students raised $430.00 in 2 hours. The idea of the show was to have a variety of talents perform throughout the day including singers, dancers, gymnasts, and comedians. We had lots of groups sign up and some could not come at the last minute but we were still able to fill up the two hours. Tori Hammers, Chair of the event and high school senior at Buffalo, sang with Tyler Weeks and her mother Jeannie Hammers. They opened the show with our national anthem and performers from Buffalo Gals entertained the audience with their performance drills. The Dance Sensations students performed three routines including a jazz number from “Chicago”. Kimmie Clemmer stunned the audience with her dance and gymnastic talents and Emily Richards also sang. One of the highlights of the show was when Mr. Clemmer sang and played a song he had written for his daughters some time ago. 

The group also had bracelets and T-shirts for sale that they had designed and printed at the Technical Center in Louisburg, as well as serving hot dogs and drinks to a hungry group. Dr. Turner was there to cook the hot dogs for the event. There are bracelets ($1.00) and T-Shirts ($10.00) left if anyone is interested. The shirts are lavender, which is the color to support all cancers and the bracelets come in a variety of colors as well as lavender for specific types of cancer. The bracelets and T-shirts are both printed with the expression “Be Aware, Show You Care”. Some of the shirts have been signed by Tori and Tyler and are still available through the technical center. The committee’s goal was to raise $1000.00 this year for the team and they are currently at $754.00.

State Winners 2013

April 4-6th marked the dates for the SkillsUSA State Championships in Linn, MO. Students from Dallas County Technical Center took part in contest areas of leadership, technical information, skill and occupational related. This year 40 students attended with 4 advisors and placed in several categories. For Buffalo High School Amanda Labbee placed 2nd in Leadership Essay, Makayla Gillispie placed 2nd in Pin Design, Madeline Mayfield 2nd in CPR/First Aid and Brianna Bradford, Kaila Chastain, Lindsay Halter and Shantel Cobb 3rd place for Entrepreneurship. Wheatland/Weaubleau students, Jalisa Poe took 1st in Professional Development Written and 3rd in T-Shirt Design, Kierston Duffy, Haley Pursley and Jerikah Mooneyham, 3rd in Career pathways. Halfway students, Angel Maxwell and Mallory Yahne placed 1st in Outstanding Chapter Book. Chapter Display placed 2nd and was planned and constructed by students at the Technical Center and presented by Matt Hickman (Halfway), Dustin Maggard (Skyline) and Dewayne Stafford (Humansville).

There were a lot of top tens and Promotional Bulletin Board had its best placing ever and was planned and presented by Kodi Tindle (Halfway), Amy Daniels and Amanda Labbee (Buffalo).

The competitions were very challenging and the students were happy with the results especially since they did not have the opportunity to compete at districts because of the weather issues. A lot of the students are juniors and will get the chance to try again next year
South Central District Competition
Although we were unable to attend the Leadership Contest and Awards ceremony I have the results. If you competed in Skills Area 1st and 2nd place continue on to State. Written and Leadership 1st, 2nd and 3rd continue on to State Competition. Congratulations to you all for your efforts.

Advertising Design  3rd            Jalisa Poe         

First Aid/CPR 1st                  Madeline Mayfield    3rd            Jeffrey Speno

Nurse Assisting  3rd            Melanie Ellis

Screen Printing  1st                  Amber Hamby

Technical Computer Applications  1ST             Chris Gavazzi  3rd            Omar Bennett

Welding  2nd            Tate Lear

Computer Networking Tech Info  2nd            Christopher Gavazzi                       

HVAC Tech Info  1st                  Dallas Strong  2nd            Kerry Novak  3rd            John Bennett                    

Medical Terminology  1st                  Jewelle Walls 

Professional Development Tech Info  1st            Jalisa Poe

Welding Tech Info   2nd            Joshua Adams (post Secondary)    2nd             Tate Leer

CPS Arts, Technology, Communication

1st   Kierston Duffy, Jerikah Mooneyham, Haley Pursley                       

CPS Health

•1st            Amanda Dorman, Emily Owens, Caroline Beyer

Chapter Display

Matt Hickman                       
Dustin Maggard

Leadership Essay

Amanda Labbee
Lindsay Halter

Outstanding Chapter 3rd             Mallory Yahne
 and Angel M


2nd            Makayla Gillispie  3rd            Taylor Belcher


2nd            Haley Childress   3rd            Angel Maxwell




Winning State Pin Entry
For the third year in a row Dallas County Technical Center has submitted the Missouri SkillsUSA winning state trading pin. We would like to congratulate Sarah Wilkes of Fair Play on her success. This is a great honor as this pin is not only worn by all State members and Advisers but it is traded at National Conference. Sets of these state pins can sell in excess of $250.00 to collectors.
Song Posters
First year students in PM have also completed song posters to go with their CD covers.
Students in both First and Second year have been working on a variety of projects. Including Newsletters, CD Cover and Song Posters. I hope to have all of these up soon.
Ha Ha Tonka
Graphic Arts students field day at Ha HA Tonka was a big success. Students are entering a Rural Missouri Photography Contest where they will visit various state parks to take photos. Each group was given a camera and asked to take 100 photos each to be sorted through in class. Five categories will be entered and each student can enter 10 pictures. Although it was a last minute trip the students brought back over 2000 photos to select from. The weather was perfect and the students did a great job.
Graphic Arts Students place at State
Chellaney Loges, Cassie Neidel, and Chelsi Woody place first in Outstanding Chapter. Chellaney Loges places first in Photography and second in Professional Development Tech Info. Toby Tweedy places eighth in Screen Printing and Justin Harris, Anthony Newboles and Amy Jarman sixth in Vinyl Sign Making. Amy Jarman also placed 4th in Professional Development Tech Info. Congratulations all.
Missouri State T-Shirt and Pin Design Competition
Anthony Newboles and Chellaney Loges, students in the Graphic Arts program, have placed 1st in the State for their pin design. This pin will be worn by all competitors and Advisors at the 2011 SkillsUSA Championships in Linn, Missouri. The pins are also given to students going on to Nationals to trade with other states competitors. This tradition of pin trading has become very popular among all participants. Each year students can collect over 50 different pins and these have been known to sell to bidders as high as $300.00. This competition is open to all SkillsUSA members.
Professional Development: Table Etiquette
Class will travel to Southwest Area Career Center in Monett to take part in a professional development event with the Culinary Arts Class. Students have traded skills in that the Graphics class has made T-Shirts for them and they are making lunch for the Graphics Class. Students will also take part in the in-depth table etiquette lesson from Mrs. Vickie Fuller as well as reinforce their introduction and hand shaking skills.
Upcoming Events
Students in Graphic Arts will be visiting the Hermitage Shriner's Organization Building in Hermitage on Tuesday Nov. 2nd, 2010 to better get a grasp on the landscaping project that they have been assigned. All permission slips should be in by Friday October 29th. Students should be appropriately dressed for the weather.
Web Pages
From time to time I will do my best to get some of the projects the students complete on the web page.
Students were to take portrait shots of each other in the studio and then pick a photo that they liked of their subject and make adjustments as needed. They then passed it on to their subject who added personality type to the composition. Then cropped and saved as jpg's.
Students were assigned the task of a self portrait constructed only using the letters of their name.
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